Priceless Nuggets Responsible For Selling 50 – 100+ Units Of Affiliate Products Daily

Oh yes! Iím truly humbled by the result I have achieved so far. Most especially in the last 11 days.

The month of August 2018 has proven to be most tasking in terms of the number of affiliate promotions for me in recent time. Frankly speaking, I have been promoting various offers since the 1st day of the month until today. Infact, some days I am compelled to hit two(2)offers and interestingly I still achieve a significant amount of sales.

It all started in 2016 when I newly ventured into the space and noticed a top guy Sam Bakker hitting different offers almost daily and storming most of the leaderboards. And this was contrary to what I was told about managing my list. I became curious about what he was doing differently and as such I pinged him a few times on Skype to ask several questions and he gave me answers. Much thanks and respect to Sam Bakker.

Today,  it’s no news that I hit unique offers almost on a daily basis and still sells 50 – 100 units averagely. And sometimes I get upward 200+ sales solely from day 1 mailing when I deliberately wanna go hard. Of course, I don’t have a monster list yet. So don’t get it twisted!

I’m not saying all of this to brag about my excellent performance in the space. Like you may have noticed I no longer post leaderboards screenshot because obviously that isnít anything new again. Right now my new challenge is to SCALE-UP my IM business.

However, this is a message of HOPE to every struggling affiliate marketers out there and also as a blueprint anyone can model to get a better result in affiliate marketing. The last tip I am going to share is so profound and powerful that it can revive your affiliate game in 24 hrs.

Letís dig in.

Here Are My Personal Success Factors In Affiliate Marketing

1. Position yourself as a consultant and not just a marketer to your subscribers.

When your subscribers see you as a consultant they trust you to give them good advice in terms of products to buy at all times. The moment you are able to get your customers to view you as a consultant and a friend, they will never buy from anyone else, no matter what the differences might be in bonuses.

This cannot be overemphasized. So make a deliberate effort to Position yourself as a problem solver to your subscribers.

Hence seek to know who your subscribers are (what they are currently doing and their level of experience). So that when promoting a product you can state clearly how what you are recommending will help them achieve their goals.

Whenever you want to promote a product simply identify the problem that product solve for your subscribers and then carefully write to show them how many results they will get with the product you are recommending.

2. Build a genuine relationship with your subscribers.

Honestly, a vast majority of my success today is based on the quality of relationship I have formed with my list. And the relationship selling model is based on trust.

How can you develop trust with your subscribers?

Quite simple.  Ask them about their needs, weaknesses etc and then share useful resources that will help them and also give recommendations. Sometimes organize question and answer webinars where you empower them with your wealth of experience. Go an extra mile to show them that you truly care about their success and not just the commissions you stand to gain from their purchase.

Listen. If you are not selling enough right now then take a break on promotion and go fix your relationship with your subscribers. Once they know you more, trust you enough and like you then you will be selling just more than most guys out there.

Now let me blow your mind a little. Whether you agree or not, most of our customers donít use the products they buy because of its complexity or lack of their technical know-how. Here is one thing I do differently that make my subscribers to love me so much. I invest my time and energy to record and produce walk through videos for most products I recommend at the close of the launch…

I tell them in my emails that I understand the fact that they are not of the same technical background or equal knowledge hence am going an extra mile to ensure they are able to use the products I recommend and all.

Guess what ? Naturally, people will embrace the man who they think is in their best interest. Boom!

(3) Prepare thoroughly for every promotion.

Before you promote an offer ensure you study the product and deduce the benefits it has for your subscribers.

This is very important because if you don’t understand the product you will not be able to write a promotional email in your own style that will resonate deeply with your subscribers. Trust me, whenever you just copy a vendorís swipe and broadcast to your customers they know immediately. Unfortunately, that make them to see you as just another commission junkie.

Also most times your subscribers donít buy because they don’t understand the offer. So it’s very important to prepare before mailing out. Often, your effort in preparation is the key factor that gets you the sale.

(4) Decide to learn whatever you need to get better at what you do.

Itís funny whenever I see folks who are not getting result yet they keep mailing in the same manner day after day. Unarguably, you cannot get a better result by simply working harder using your present knowledge and skill.

Here is the rule – if you want to earn more, you must learn and apply new methods and techniques. Therefore continuous learning is the minimal requirement for success and most importantly learn from experts. When I started I read Todd Gross 70k in a day ebook, I learned a few stuff from Sam Bakker, I learned from Precious Ng.

I learned from Ben Murray etc. At the moment I have over 47 tabs opened on my browser solely on email marketing. Thatís how much I still read daily.

Fact: You can learn anything you need to achieve any goal you set for yourself. Indeed there are no limits.

5. Take the responsibility to SELL whatever product you choose to promote irrespective of the Vendorís effort to provide a high converting sales copy.

This is quite a tedious task and I know it. However, itís doable. I have promoted offers that didnít convert generally yet I worked very hard on my promo swipes to ensure I get my subscribers to say ëYesí to the product solely based on my promotional email leaving the sales page to present them with the buy button. Itís a deliberate effort.

Again, this works best only when you understand your audience, understand the product and then write a custom message in a conversational manner tailored to sell the product.

6. Use education selling frequently.

When promoting an offer go beyond telling your subscribers that XYZ product is live now and they should pick it up through your link.

Fine, you may be getting result doing that however writing a little more in details to enable your subscribers to understand what you are selling, how they can use and benefit from it will surely help you sell more units and most importantly EASILY.

It wrong to assume that your subscribers already know the details of the product you are promoting.

In educational marketing, you do not directly try to influence the subscribers to buy a product else their natural resistance to selling will erupt.

Rather you position yourself as a teacher and a helper. Use story telling like Big Boss Michael Cheney. Write like you are taking your time to inform them about the product because of your expert knowledge in the field and as such you rightly know whatís best for them. Explain carefully how they are going to use the product to get result or benefit.

Note: In educational selling your ability to ask for the order at the end of your informative write up is what determines your success when using this strategy. You must know how to close the sale.

Finally, some part of me doesnít want me to share this one freely with the public.

However, it is my birthday month so this can be considered as my birthday gift for you.

(7) Apply the 80/20 rule in your affiliate marketing business.

What do I mean?

80% of your earned commissions is from only 20% of your subscribers. Here is how to take advantage of this strategy and I will use JVZoo as a case study. All thanks to Laura Casselman and the entire team for their amazing platform.

  • Go download the list of all your transactions under the affiliate tab and extract the emails of everyone who have ever bought products through your affiliate link.
  • Upload them separately into your autoresponder and send them a special message to appreciate them for buying through you and also apologize for the times you failed or delayed to deliver your promises bonuses. The essence of this email is to foster a more personal relationship because they will know itís not a general broadcast rather itís targeted to your buyers. This will make them feel special and more valued. As such they will in turn reward you with more sales.
  • Promote to this segment separately beside your general promo emails.

Note: This single concept drastically engaged my buyers and made them more responsive immediately.

Enough said already! Want more ? Sign up for my private coaching.

Welcome to a New Week.

P.S Feel free to share your thought on this. Whether you agree or not with some of these strategies they are collectively responsible for my success in affiliate marketing and that of my students.


  • Faith Udoh

    December 17, 2019 - 6:35 pm

    Hi Victory,
    Thanks a lot for the tips provided herein. I started following you on IG last week via Tunde Ednut. My interest to start a side hustle heightened after reading your blogs and watching your videos.

    Please could you email me what it takes to be tutored by you. I really need to venture into affiliate marketing with success as a goal. I believe being mentored by you will set the pace right.

    I hope to read from you soon.


    • Victory Akpos

      January 21, 2020 - 11:52 am

      Thanks for watching my videos. Indeed a side hustle is necessary because multiple streams of income is the best path for us all.
      You can get my premium course here to fully learn from this online business model –


  • Joseph Adebayo

    March 11, 2020 - 3:54 pm

    I’m new in the making and I have sleepovers to follow your steps since we grew up in the same warri Delta state… But I haven’t sold anything yet because I’m having issues on what’s sites and where to sell my products

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