Powerful Tips to Help You Crush Affiliate Promo Consistently… Without Struggling to Sell.

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”June Affiliate Promotions In Review & A Few Helpful Tips To Help Struggling Affiliate Marketers Turn Things Around For Greatness”

Hey there, it’s always a pleasure to share my thoughts with you on my blog.

Okay. As usual, at the beginning of every month I do take out sometime to prepare my affiliate promotion calendar for the month which I try to adhere to in most cases.

So this morning I decided to review this month promo calendar and honestly it’s been AWESOME. Truthfully, I missed out on about 3 launches which I am still planning to hit kinda. But again, that only shows I am a human and obviously it isn’t so easy to keep up with all the affiliate commitments these days as a performing affiliate.

Overall, I have nicely CRUSHED the month of June thus far. Oh yes! Anyways, you may have noticed I no longer post leaderboard screenshots on my Facebook profile and that’s because I am NOW focused on BREAKING NEW GROUNDS…

As you know, I always reciprocate for my trusted partners and the leaderboards are showing that all over our space…

Recently, John Gibb & I, teamed to print our names on big boards like MobiFirst by Todd Gross, X-Wave by Dean Gilmore, Animaytor by Brett Ingram, Newsprofix Pro by my good friend Mosh Bari & Jason Fulton.

While I have personally contributed to the success of many more successful launches like Content Gorilla by Neil Napier, EzyAgency by Seun Ogundele, Mapify360 by Adrian Bogdan, ListGrow by Ifiok Nkem etc.

… And that takes us to the helpful tips I decided to share today with every struggling affiliate marketer out there. The fact that I no longer post these leaderboards images on FB doesn’t stop guys from keeping an eye on leaderboards around where my name usually pops up and one of the most common questions I constantly get asked is some version of the following…

”What do you do to consistently crush multiple leaderboards almost on daily basis?”

So I felt its best I answer this question today so it can help everyone out there who has ever wondered and aspired for such a fit.

Let’s DIG in…

Firstly, the success of my affiliate marketing business is birthed by 3 things I did.

1: I built an email list.
2: I built a relationship with that list.
3: I market helpful products to that list.

Okay. Let’s go further into details guys…

Unarguably, your email list is your business as a digital marketer and that cannot be over emphasized. And the amount of success of your business is totally dependent on

List Size X Trust = Amount of Success

So you if desire greater success in affiliate marketing though this is generally applicable to internet marketing as a whole. Then you need to do something about those two factors above.

List Size

For ‘List Size’, you need to launch great products regularly so as to increase the inflow of new leads into your possession. Also, you can invest in solo ads and paid traffic like I started doing recently…


For ‘Trust’, this is where I see many people screw so badly and that’s where you want to score good on. Oh yes! Because the level at which your list knows, likes, and trusts you is what determines the amount of success you get. And this starts with building a nice relationship with your list.

Not to brag, but I have lost count on the number of people I have seen copying my email swipes verbatim however I hardly bother myself. Yea. I know for a fact that they can only copy my content but they can’t copy the kind of relationship I have with my list. And that simply explains why I still and always sell more than everyone who uses my swipes. The point is, a good relationship with your ”List” is everything.

Right away, let’s dive into building ‘Trust’ with your list.

For Me, the best way I have been able to establish solid trust with my list is simply by having the right POSITIONING. This starts with the consciousness that your list represents real human beings like yourself. And then do everything to show them that you genuinely understand their pains (which in most cases is – making more money) and that you’re fully committed to take them from where they are now to where they want to be.

Doing this is quite easy though some funny marketers have chosen to achieve this through B.S manipulations. They try to present everyone as an enemy while themselves are the good shepherd to lead their list to the promised land. Different strategies, a common goal to build trust!

Here are some tips to build trust quickly with your list;

Always put the interest of your subscribers first before $$.
This means you can’t promote just any product that doesn’t offer actual value. Else when you do and your list sees through the hype that the product you are promoting is an obvious B.S they would loose their trust and most likely never take action on your recommendations anymore. It is mostly at this point many guys struggles to sell despite their huge email list.

Always be willing, ready and available to help your list get result with whatever product you promote. Honestly, this is one powerful strategy I have used in years to remain relevant to my list. No doubt, it involves quite a lot of work but its worth it.

Here are some ways you can demonstrate this..

Organize your own in-depth product walk-through webinar for products you promote despite the video tutorials provided by the mentor. Or you can record your own elaborate video training so you position it to your subscribers that you really want them to get result with this product because you know many of them are not using stuff they invest in due to lack of technical know-how.

Offer them 1-on-1 support if they have issue deploying whatever product they got through you. This shows them that you want them to truly get value for their $$$ unlike 99% of other marketers who stop at making sales.

Be a part of the processes involved for your list to get result with whatever product you market to them. This is what I mean, if you sell a video creation app to them you can offer them a done-for-you agency website as a bonus that will enable them start selling the videos they will eventually create with the app you sold them. That’s it.

Organize weekly or monthly subscribers only question and answer webinars. Guess what? Only a few marketers are doing this and that’s a huge opportunity for you to start doing it and win their subscribers over to yourself.

Offer educating non-promotional content and freebie regularly. You can’t imagine how powerful this single tip is. The fact is – UNIQUENESS or being DIFFERENT sells. Oh yes! The fact is 99% of marketers out there are all about go buy this and that on daily basis… So when you dare to be different and regularly send your list valuable freebies they do appreciate it and see you through a different eye that’s more attractive..


To ensure this doesn’t get very long I am going to stop here… These are some of the practices I have personally based my marketing activities on over the last few years I got into the space.

Before I sign out, here are also some promotional tips that shouldn’t be ignored.

Always PRE-SELL if possible. And that where guys like Jono Armstrong kills it every-time. Preselling helps you to get your list into a buying state even before the product goes live. This involves you telling your subscribers about a product to be launched, how it’s gonna help them, how they can get result with it and most importantly tell them about your special bonuses for the launch etc.

Always FOLLOW-UP. This is where many marketers miss it. They mail an once offer and the next thing you hear is they backed out of the promotion because it didn’t convert. Funny! The money is in the follow-up. Frequency matters a lot in marketing so it’s important to put an offer multiple times in front of your subscribers using different angles. Live story – I wrote about 4 unique swipes using different angle before I finally hit the bull’s eye during the launch of Animation studio by Paul Ponna & Todd Gross and I sold over 250+ units. Imagine if I had skip the launch because my first 2 emails didn’t convert. So once an offer is selling for other affiliate it’s your task to put your creative mind to work work work.

Don’t use the general swipes provided in the jv page if possible. Remember that in most cases the leads you have are also what other marketers are do have as well. So imagine if you copy the general swipe and hundred other marketers mail out the same swipe what’s then the catch for your subscribers to take action through your link… More-so, human beings are creatures of habit and within my short time of marketing online I have discovered that my list resonate BEST to my tone and pattern of writing. Maybe they know I mean serious business when I put in an effort to write in my style and tone. So that’s it.
Don’t use the general bonuses provided by the vendor if possible. In most cases they count for nothing because hundred of other marketers are offering the same thing out there. So always strive to get unique and exclusive bonuses.

Always offer custom & complimentary bonuses. This is KEY. Make it a habit to offer bonuses that will help your list get a better or faster result with any product you promote and ensure you tell them that exactly in your email so they can know the value you’re offering them. This is so powerful and that is why you see some top marketers using 1 or 2 bonuses to outshine guys offering bonuses worth 60K or 100+ bonuses in many launches.

What a ride!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. And if you know anyone who’d find it helpful, please share it with them.

In Conclusion, action is what counts. So I advice you start applying these tips in your affiliate marketing hustle and you sure gonna be blown away with the outcome. Most importantly, I look forward to seeing you use these strategies to crush our BIG launch of Aniamze coming with on July 8th with Misan Morrison & Mo Miah.

All Success!


  • Ronald Rutgersson

    October 9, 2019 - 2:32 am

    God morning Victory and many thanks for your artical about Powerful Tips to Help You Crush Affiliate Promo etc.
    I have printed out it to read it again.
    I like your attitude to help Newbies like me to succeed doing marketing as an Affiliate on the Net.
    A couple of days ago I purchased the InfluencersHub Commercial Program. You are the Seller. So far so good.
    Now I hope that I will succeed working this program. But right now I don`t know how to get started and I have send tickets to the Support in order to get help from them. They have not responded to me. Now I wonder what help you could give me to get started. I hope to hear from you to find a way to be successful.

    Many thanks,


    • Victory Akpos

      October 12, 2019 - 4:36 pm

      Hello Ronald,
      Thanks for the feedback.
      I also appreciate your patronage and quite strange to hear support is unresponsive.
      However I will pass your email unto the support team now and they will contact you asap.


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