How To Start a Profitable Global Affiliate Marketing Business

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Hope you’re having a great day over there.

Are you pumped to learn something new? If yes, I’m equally excited to share some incredible knowledge with you. Today’s video is focused on how you can start a profitable affiliate marketing business.

The video is made up of two (2) sessions, the first is on a whiteboard while the second is on my computer where I practically showed a few things to help you connect the dots.

It’s a little bit lengthy (about 49 minutes), but it’s in your best interest.

However after watching this short step-by-step video training there are two (2) possible questions you might want to ask, which include;

1. How to build an email list of your own.

2. How to put together an irresistible promotion message and an offer that SELL.

Anyways, there is no cause for alarm. I deliberately didn’t dive deep into those two aspects to ensure this video is not this overly long.

Guess what?

As we make progress, I will publish a full video where list building and email marketing will be taught extensively.

I got ya back!

For now, watch the video below and start implementing accordingly…

Here are some of the websites I mentioned in the video…

  • Email Providers :,
  • Facebook:
  • Email autoresponder:;
  • Affiliate Networks:,
  • Payment Processors:, Payoneer, Local Bank Account (GTB, First Bank etc.)
  • Launch Calendar:;

Solo Ads Vendor: Below is a list of solo ad vendors that can deliver result for you…

So where do you go from here?

Well you’re expected to take what I’ve shared in this video and run with it. This information is now yours to use. Start taking ACTION!

But if you’d like some help actually putting it all together and building it out step-by-step, I have a good news…

The good news is that about some months ago, I created the most comprehensive course in the world that will walk you through every single part of setting up this business model for you.

Check it out here;

I hope you liked watching this as much as I liked making it for you. And if you know anyone who’d find it helpful, please share it with them. Also leave a comment for me if you found today’s video useful or Ask questions below etc.

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