How To Make Money Offering Web Design Services Locally & Globally

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Statistics have shown that web design is one of evergreen and most guaranteed source of income both online and offline.

The internet is the world largest marketplace and as such every individual, businesses, churches, companies etc. are all going online to put up information about themselves in order to get more clients. Unarguably, these days every business needs a website.

You may not know it, but right now there are literally thousands of businesses without a website. And they have budgeted millions for this! There are so many web design projects both online and offline waiting to be awarded to competent website developers for huge sum.

Unfortunately, most people are lacking this lucrative skill while the few who are competent lack the business aspect of the web design niche.


To ensure that you tap into this evergreen legitimate online business opportunity, I have invested my time to record a step-by-step video training that teaches you how to design simple websites as a complete beginner plus the BUSINESS ASPECT of it. So that you can start earning a guaranteed monthly income as a web consultant executing projects online and offline.

The most interesting about acquiring the web design skill is the fact that you can charge your clients any amount of your choice and pocket 100% of the money.

So in today’s Video I have covered in 80 minutes the following:

  • Why consider a shift into Web design industry as a service you can be offering locally
  • Real live examples of individuals that are already raking Millions (By conversion)
  • How to Position yourself as a competent website designer in order to start getting paid huge sum for projects
  • What Super Fast Tools you need to Start Creating Any Kind of Professional looking websites for your prospective clients.
  • And more exciting is the Step-by-step guide on how you can use these tools to quickly design a website professionally.

Here are some of the websites mentioned within this training:
Freelance portals with real live persons earning hugely daily which you could also get yourself professionally positioned to get more persons calling on you.

Also, I revealed an Online App that would allow you to Instantly get to find Local businesses that needs websites or needs an improvement to their already existing websites. Interestingly, with this app you would get their real contact details you can call or instantly make them an email right from the app to propose an irresistible deal to get their website done.

Get more details about the App here;

Lastly, I also made mention of online directories which you can quickly leverage to get contact details of local businesses that are desperately looking to get someone like you who would help them take their local businesses online…


Go watch this mind-blowing video now!

Guess What?

Am waiting to get your success story with this. If you have any question/s after watching the video kindly use the comment box below and I will be glad to provide you with further information.


  • Stanley

    December 21, 2019 - 2:54 am

    Please how do i access the Cpanel

    • Victory Akpos

      January 21, 2020 - 11:50 am

      After registering and hosting a domain name, you can access the cpanel through this

      Where yoursitename = domain name registered and hosted.


  • Ogodo Friday

    December 27, 2019 - 12:29 pm

    Please Mr akpos I have listen to all your audio voice notes on how to become an affiliate marketier and I am very much interested in being a we designer and an affiliate marketer please guide me on what to do and how to get started as a newbies please its my dream for 2020

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